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Mar 9, 2013 by

The media’s adoration of Barack Obama knows no bounds.

This week, Sports Illustrated actually named the current White House resident one the most powerful people in sports.

In case you missed it, SI this week released its list of the 50 Most Powerful People in Sports.

Coming in first was NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Makes sense, right? Can’t argue with that.

David Stern, the NBA commissioner was next. Fine.

Then SI got a little bizarre for one would think the MLB and NHL commissioners should be next.


In third was Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz who’s looking to sell his sports and entertainment division AEG. Does that make him more powerful than the MLB and NHL commissioners? Or how about John Skipper, the President of ESPN who came in fourth?

MLB commissioner Bud Selig came in fifth, but NHL commissioner Gary Bettman came in 27th. I guess SI doesn’t consider hockey very important.

But the real shark jump – hockey fans should get the pun! – was number 44:

via Sports Illustrated Names Obama One of the Most Powerful People in Sports | NewsBusters.

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