Can you spot a good teacher from their characteristics?

Mar 3, 2016 by

Professor Rob Klassen explores the latest research into what traits effective teachers have and how this could inform recruitment

Resource: The Star Teacher Pre-Screener
The Science of Teacher Selection and Interviewing

What would you do in the following situation?

As students in your classroom begin a writing task, one of them, Kata, starts throwing paper around and distracting the others. You know from previous incidents that Kata often becomes frustrated when she does not understand how to complete activities; she often displays this by being disruptive.

Would you …

a) Ask her to leave the class?
b) Show her how to get started on the task?
c) Encourage her by telling her that she is capable of completing the task?
d) Ask a passing teacher to talk to her?

Your answer gives important clues about how you think and operate as a teacher (see below for answers). In future, similar questions could help researchers understand how prospective teachers might interact with students, and enable trainers to recruit people who are best suited to work in schools.


Source: Can you spot a good teacher from their characteristics? | Teacher Network | The Guardian

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