Spreading anti-Israel indoctrination to secondary- and elementary-school students

Jun 19, 2019 by

Steve Stotsky

The once prevalent image of Israelis as plucky Jews rebuilding their ancient homeland has been replaced by the bleak image of a militarized colonial-settler state infringing upon the lives of victimized Palestinians.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola is alleged to have said “Give me the child for the first seven years and I will give you the man.” Anti-Israel ideologues have adopted a similar strategy, targeting ever-younger age groups in their effort to turn Americans against the world’s sole Jewish state. The growing presence of anti-Israel units in America’s high schools and middle schools represents an ambitious extension of the campaign against Israel that has flourished on college campuses.

The unmonitored classrooms of America’s public schools present a tempting target for anti-Israel indoctrinators. With rare exceptions, the insertion of biased curricula occurs uncontested. Alert citizens who discover anti-Israel bias in classroom materials and bring them to the attention of school officials encounter bureaucratic indifference.

But remaining silent is not an acceptable option; the problem will not go away by itself.  A forceful public response followed by relentless monitoring and engagement with school officials has been the only way to effectively contest anti-Israel bias.

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