STAAR/End-of-Course Test Questions To Be Released to Public

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starr Commissioner Williams accelerates
release schedule for STAAR assessments

AUSTIN – Commissioner of Education Michael L. Williams today announced he is accelerating the scheduled release dates for State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR™), with all general assessments to be released in August following statewide administration of the tests this spring.

“As we have rolled out the STAAR assessments, some have viewed the inability to see the actual tests as a reason to invalidate the entire process,” said Commissioner Williams. “I have heard those concerns and am accelerating the release of all the assessments while maintaining the validity of results for the upcoming spring administration.”


At the Commissioner’s direction, the following 2013 STAAR assessments will be released:

  • Grades 3-8 – Math, Science, Reading, Writing, Social Studies
  • High School Math – Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II
  • High School Science – Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • English I Reading, English II Reading, English III Reading
  • English I Writing, English II Writing, English III Writing
  • World History, World Geography, U.S. History


Under the Texas Education Code and State Board of Education rule, primary test forms must be released every three years. Williams’ directive makes all general STAAR assessments – some of which were not scheduled for release until 2014 or beyond – available for review by this summer. The STAAR Modified assessment is not part of this accelerated release, but will be made available in 2014, as currently scheduled.


“I hope the release of these assessments eliminates some of the concern surrounding STAAR,” said Commissioner Williams. “In reviewing these tests, I believe parents will find attainable expectations coupled with a high level of rigor that is tied directly to course content in every grade level.”


Release of the general assessments adds to a list of STAAR materials that have already been made available by the Texas Education Agency. Items previously released include sample STAAR test questions, STAAR English I writing scoring guides and essays, STAAR Grade 4 writing scoring guides, and STAAR Grade 7 writing scoring guides.

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This article gives the links to the STAAR/EOC “helps” that the Texas Education Agency has already provided on its website:



1.14.13 – “Absolutely No Need for CSCOPE” – by Donna Garner –



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