Stanley Kurtz on Jeb & Common Core

Aug 11, 2015 by


by Andrew C. McCarthy –

On the matter of federal usurpation of state control over education, I am among the many viewers of last week’s GOP debate who was surprised by the apparent common ground between anti-Common Core Marco Rubio and pro-Common Core Jeb Bush.
Now, after finally reading yesterday’s important post by Stanley Kurtz, I understand why: Jeb is not being forthright about Common Core – not about what it essentially is (i.e., an imposition of a federal standard of mediocrity on the states that flouts the Constitution and other federal law); not about the chicanery and heavy-handedness the Obama administration used to make Common Core’s adoption appear to be a state-driven campaign; and not about Jeb’s explicit praise of Obama “for putting pressure on states to change” – notwithstanding his claim during last week’s debate that “I don’t believe the federal government should be involved in the creation of standards, directly or indirectly.”
If you have not read Stanley’s post, you really should. It’s an eye-opener.

Source: Jeb Bush’s Common Core Opinion and Why It Matters | National Review Online

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