State Legislature leaves fate of 40,000 kids’ education in limbo

Dec 20, 2015 by

Rochelle Riley –

Detroit’s children have heard the governor and other leaders talk about a better plan for their educational future but no one is doing anything about to make it better.

Once again, the Michigan Legislature has put cowardice before courage, politics before progress — all while managing to show 40,000 children that they don’t care about them.

How? When legislators decided to adjourn Thursday without publicly discussing any plan to revamp the Detroit Public Schools, they may as well have told DPS students: “We don’t have time for you!” In turn, their decision should be enough for their constituents to tell them: “You’re fired.”

Did any of them think about the children who have been subjected to enough turmoil in their lives without adding last-minute changes in schools and curriculum next fall?

When they headed home for the holidays and eggnog and stability, did any legislator wonder where their own children would attend school in the fall? Not likely.

Source: State Legislature leaves fate of 40,000 kids’ education in limbo

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