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With the ease in which people access the internet, there is no doubt that mobile gaming is a popular past-time activity that many will indulge in. Mobile phones and other electronic devices have become readily available, allowing users’ access to a vast number of mobile games apps. This is the sole reason the conversion rates on the mobile gaming industry has skyrocketed over the years.

Some of the most popular games you could play on your electronic devices include Pokémon GO, candy crush saga and casino bonus codes among others. You may wonder about casino games but it is proven that 74% of all casino players access their favorite games via smartphones.


The mobile gaming industry has shown rapid growth from yesteryears. According to research done in February 2019, it showed that as at the close of the year 2018, the mobile gaming industry had generated an annual income of 137.9 billion dollars. If this trend persists, steadily growing at an annual percentage of 30, the mobile gaming industry will be generating over 180 billion dollars annually by the year 2021.

Despite the mobile gaming industry doing so well, there has been a 6% decrease in the number of games apps downloaded in 2018 as compared to 2017.

Unlike previous times when gamers were mainly men, the last couple of years has shown a massive increase in the number of women who play online games. Women take 63% of all gamers as compared to their male counterparts who stand at 37%.

Statistics from the United States show that an average American spends 23 minutes a day on mobile games. The number of U.S gamers has also grown to 203 million in 2018. This is a massive increase from 2014 where gamers’ statistics stood at 148 million. Other demographics indicate that there are 2.2 billion gamers worldwide. What is shocking is that 23% of all gamers, who also take up the highest percentage of gamers in regards to age brackets, are aged 55 years and above


For the longest time, Candy crush saga has been the top-grossing mobile game in the United States. Recently, there have been a few changes and Pokemon GO is now the new mobile game champion followed by Fortnite.

By the close of the year 2018, Pokemon GO had generated annual estimated sales of 511 million dollars as compared to Fortnite’s 474.5 million dollars and Candy crush’s 401.5 million dollars. This is a big blow to candy crush that generated a whopping 803 million dollars in annual revenue in 2017.


Away from game statistics lie other benefits to mobile games. It has been proven that mobile gaming apps play a huge role in mental development by making your mind grow 7 years younger.

Research also states that gamers are more financially stable and socially outgoing as compared to people who do not play mobile games.

All in all, mobile gaming is a trend that is only going to grow bigger by the day. Marketers are now using mobile gaming apps and sites for advertising. On the flip side, the mobile gaming industry is getting flooded and a game entrepreneur will have to work twice as hard to make it in this multi-billion dollar industry.

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