Staying Safe in an Unsafe Neighborhood

Feb 8, 2018 by

If you’re moving into an unsafe neighborhood, you likely have a little anxiety. Unsafe neighborhoods, however, can be a great place for anyone looking to live near a major city, and high crime rates don’t have to deter you from living where you’d like. If you’ve decided to make your home in an unsafe neighborhood, there are some simple steps you can follow for staying protected.

Get Support from Your Neighbors

The first step in safety will be to get to know your neighbors. You and your neighbors will be able to look out for each other and protect each other. If something goes wrong, you can be a support system for each other and call the police. You should know your neighbors by name, know of any problems they’re dealing with, and inspire trust as much as possible. The community you live in may have high crime rates, but it’s likely a tightly-knit community as well. On the other side of that coin, your neighbors may be part of the problem. Learn whom to avoid, and at what times. That will help keep your family safe.

Get Protection

As you make your home in a less-than-safe area, try some time-honored tricks for protecting your home. Consider getting a guard dog (or maybe just put up a “beware of dog” sign.) Consider, as well, getting a home security system. Other simple measures include getting custom and ready-made blinds to keep burglars from seeing into your home.

Use Common Sense

One of the best and simplest ways to stay safe is to use common sense. Don’t walk alone after a certain time each night. Learn what times your street becomes unsafe. Is it right after dark? Or is it closer to midnight? Once you know when your street is safest, you can make plans to never go out walking outside that time frame. Other simple safety tips include: the following don’t run or walk with headphones in, and take note of anyone who looks dangerous and simply cross the street. At home, you can use common sense by leaving your lights on when you’re gone, or putting up a fence, or even removing bushes.

While crime rates may be high, you can live in a bad neighborhood your entire life and never experience a personal crime. An unsafe neighborhood doesn’t have to mean unsafe for you, and using common sense and protecting your home with a security system are great ways to avoid any potential dangers a bad neighborhood brings.

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