Stealth Jihad Is Funded by American Taxpayers

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By Carole Hornsby Haynes | June 26, 2015

Islamic law — Shari’ah – requires Jihad to be waged as “warfare against non-Muslims” until all the world is under Islamic law. Jihadist doctrine is advanced by both violent techniques and “civilization jihad,” a stealthy subversive effort to destroy Western civilization from within a nation by its own hand. The pattern of Islam is to use the courts, schools, art museums, and other major institutions including outreach to churches to infiltrate, gradually introduce Shari’ah, and then finally takeover a nation.

American education is being attacked on all fronts.

The Muslim Brotherhood front groups are involved in the development of Common Core curriculum, whitewashing the most savage, radical, and brutal ideology on the face of the earth and including activities into the curriculum to indoctrinate young minds.

The Council on Islamic Relations has been linked to terror and to subversion of American education. They are working within the system to change the textbooks and curriculum “to attack the children who are the heart of America.”

Saudi Arabia strews its petro dollars around, funding organizations to promote Islam through institutions and control what American students learn about Islam.

Also hell bent on imposing Shari’ah in the U.S. is Fethullah Gülen, who was charged with trying to create an Islamic state when he attempted to overthrow his own Turkish government and enforce Shari’ah. Now living in the United States in self-exile in rural Pennsylvania, Gülen controls a vast international network of educational institutions that has been instrumental in the advancement of the Islamist political agenda in Turkey.

In the U.S. Gülen has numerous charter schools that promote Islamic activities and are funded by U.S. taxpayers, even though he has openly called for the destruction of the United States and all infidels.

Here are just a few of the school activities promoting Islam to indoctrinate the minds of our children.
• Observance of Muslim holy days is added to the school calendar.
• New York City will close its public schools to observe two Muslim holy days.
• Students learn the five pillars of Islam.
• Students recite Muslims prayers – “Allah is great” – “There is no god but Allah.”
• Students recite the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic – “One nation under Allah.”
• Female students must wear burqas during a lesson on Islam.
• Female students must cover themselves from head to toe during a school required trip to a mosque. (Common Core class)
• High school English students are given vocabulary worksheets that promote the Islamic faith.
• World history is being taught from an Islamic perspective.
• Lessons label terrorists as freedom fighters. (CSCOPE in Texas)
• Students are told that Islam is a peaceful religion.
• Students are told that Islam respects women.
• Students must write essays about traveling to Mecca. (CSCOPE in Texas)
• Students are told that Christians engage in cannibalism and incest. (CSCOPE in Texas)
• Textbooks focus on Islam while including only a few denigrating passages about Christianity and Judaism.
• Special concessions are made for Muslim students to leave the classroom several times a day to pray while Christian students are punished for praying outside the building in front of the American flag before the school day begins.

Arabic classes are being offered in some schools. Since Arabic is the number one language spoken by the refugees flooding into America, perhaps it’s not really surprising that there has been no public outrage.

What is shocking is the shift in public education policy about the rationale for Arabic classes. Historically it has been the role of our schools to help children learn English and to assimilate into the American culture while their immigrant parents maintain the family’s cultural ties.

However, Muslims do not assimilate in any country to which they migrate.

As a native of Tennessee with many family members living throughout the state and especially around the Nashville area, I have been shocked at the devastation reeked by the thousands of Kurdish and Somali refugees who have flocked to the state over the past 15 years. Most have not assimilated, living instead in “enclaves” where they practice their own laws and customs.

There are three terrorist camps in Tennessee — Dover, Paris, and Shelbyville — that are well positioned in the heart of Tennessee to strike key cities. The camps are near Oak Ridge, where the Manhattan Project constructed a massive pilot plutonium plant and a uranium enrichment plant for the development of the first atomic bomb in World War II. The camps are also strategically located near a number of nuclear reactors.

Even though a large number of people in the Nashville area speak native Arabic, their learning to speak English and become assimilated into the American culture appears not to be the primary focus for Nashville bureaucrats who recently announced that six schools will offer Arabic classes this fall.

Those bleeding hearts said they want to help Muslim students to “…stay connected to their native culture.”

Pray tell how will the Nashville schools help students stay connected to their native culture? By teaching Arabic history….Arabic culture….the Arabic religion of Islam….Shari’ah ?

The Nashville public schools are rapidly deteriorating as refugees speaking more than 38 languages crowd into the classrooms. Nashville citizens who can afford to do so are placing their children in private schools while they also pay to educate those who hate us and will remain loyal to their own culture.

America is no longer the country of my childhood. Then we could read Bible stories and pray at school. We could say “Jesus” and have Christmas parties instead of ‘Winter’ parties without offending someone.

Why are Americans not rising up to stop this savage invasion of our nation by whatever means necessary? These are not merely immigrants who seek a better life, but barbaric conquerors who will stop at nothing to totally destroy America — and are using our schools to fulfill their agenda.

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  1. SuchindranathAiyerS

    Jeehad is not just funded by US tax payers. It is lubricated with the blood of US citizens:

    “Wahabism”, “Salafism” “Radicalism” or “Extremism” as it is now used, is a euphemism for Sunni Islam. Isis (Daesh) is merely one more regiment of Islamic students (Taliban) who study the Quran and the Hadiths and then set out to implement their “religion”.Islam is a barbaric, extremist, fascist, racist, male supremacist, lebensraum ideology masquerading as a “religion”. Any Moslem who refuses to convert to a decent, real spiritually uplifting religion should be eradicated.

    The word “Jihad” is mentioned 164 times in Quran and 199 times in Hadith. The word “Jihad” has two meanings, namely “struggle within mind” and“warfare with sword” (jihad bil saif). Both are valid as per the context in Quran/Hadith. However the former refers to Mahomet’s introspection at Medina, while the latter refers to Mahomet’s subsequent practice of genocide, massacres, mass rapes and sexual slavery at Mecca. The Caliphs and the Hadiths are quite clear that what happened later (Mecca) has greater force and supercedes Medina, and so it is that Moslems have practiced Jeehad bil Saif ever since. But, as commanded by Mahomet in the Quran, they practice deception (Taqiya, Tawriya Muruna, Kitman etc) and fool the willing that Jeehad is only that of Medina. Mahomet commanded that every true Mahamutton must perform Jihad. The purest Islam is to follow in the footsteps of Mahomet. Mahomet sanctioned mass rapes, genocides, vandalism and free for all slavery and sexual slavery when he performed Jeehad on Mecca.

    After the Aryas (People of Dharma who adhered to Brahmin Law) of South Asia and the Slavs, the Poles and the Iberians of Europe had fought Islam to a stand still at great cost in blood, treasure and territory, Pax Britannica put Islam in its place undoing the Mehdi, dismantling the Ottomans and pacifying the Middle East, South and South East Asia and much of the World disregarding the strident protests of Khilafat Gandhi. Poliically, it was Gandhi who really enabled and fostered the notion of India as an Islamic Nation in line with the agenda of Mahomet, which led to partition.. However, Pax Americana has revived the Jeehad bil Saif of Islam with White Hice and NATO decision and opinion makers since Richard Nixon on Petro Dollar pay rolls, what with Clinton bombing Belgrade for 84 days to hand over Bosnia and Kosovo to the Caliphate and with Bush and Blair deflecting anger over 9/11 from the perpetrators, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, to what was a secular and modern Iraq. Obama has thrown Syria, Libya and Europe to the Wolves.

    US actions have been the deliberate advancement of a consistent pro-Sunni Islamic Policy since even before Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger and Sheikh Yamani forged the US-NATO-Sunni Petro Dollar Axis. Truman threw the Kurds into the Turkish Sunni belly in 1946.

    Nixon sent the Seventh Fleet up the Bay of Bengal to defend Pakistan;s right to practice Islam (mass rapes, sex slavery, genocide, vandalism etc) in 1971 and Turkey’s annexation of half of Cyprus in 1973 and the persecution of Shia Iran in International affairs.

    The US is a Polyphemus being ridden by Sunni (Petro Dollar) Islam as Sindbad was by the “Old Man of the Sea”. The White Hice, the State Department and the CIA are not accountable to the US people as much as internal US governance. From Nixon’s China and Pakistan to “contain India” (a suicidal India that is its own worst enemy, standing as a Totalitarian Anti-Hindu State on the two fundamental pillars of “reservations” and “corruption”) as State Policy, Bush (the Father’s) CIA when he founded the Bush wealth from largesse found under the Tent of Saud, to Reagan’s Iran-Contra and Taliban, to Clinton (the husband’s) bombing of Belgrade to cede Islam its first ethnically cleansed enclaves (Bosnia and Kosovo) in Europe since 1489, to Bush (the Son’s) Iraq and Obama (The Holy Ghost’s) ISIS, the White Hice have been acting just as any mercenary on the pay roll of Sunni (Petro Dollar) Islam might.

    Pakistan is the US’s consistent cat’s paw to contain India since Nixon as it has been China’s since inception. Islamic Terror is Pakistan’s favoured and consistent weapon in dealing with India and has full White Hice blessings. The US has tossed one country after another into the maws of Sunni Islam. Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Cyprus, Tunisia, “The Arab Spring” and Libya. Now the US has thrown its NATO allies in Europe into the anti-civilization and dehumanizing chaos called Islam.

    Daesh, Al Shebab like Boko Haram, Pakistan Army, Jaish e Mohammed, Lashkar e Taiba, Turkish Army, Saudi Army and so on are different regiments of Taliban (students of the Quran and the Hadiths raised in Madrassas around the world funded by Saudi and other Sunni Petro Dollars to impose what they have learned, Islam, on the rubble of civilization). They are trained by the US-Pakistan made war college, Al Qaeda, (The Base), its successors and assigns. They are not merely US allies, but US’ “boots on the ground” that are bringing democracy (regime change and chaos) on America’s behalf along with Islam (vandalism, gang rapes, beheadings, genocides, slavery and so on) on Mahomet’s behalf to the world.

    White Hice greed and Islam’s hate made the perfect consort dancing together since Nixon, Kissinger and Sheikh Yamani forged the US-NATO-Sunni axis. The Islam Mahomet created was born from his selling his soul to Satan to sate his hatred with revenge on Muqqa. The US became partners in crime as it submitted to the oil well betwixt the mammoth thighs of Mammon.

    Indict surviving US Presidents and heads of involved NATO Governments together with members of their cabinets for war crimes to prevent recurrence. Exterminate any Moslem who refuses to convert to a decent, real, spiritually uplifting religion.

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