Stepped-up police patrols for Howard schools drawing questions, concerns

Mar 29, 2018 by

Some Howard County Council members and the county’s NAACP chapter are expressing concern over the police department’s announcement last week that patrol officers have been ordered to make daily stops and go inside schools on their beats.

The initiative, which calls on officers to stop in at least one school within their coverage area each day to learn the layout of the building and talk with staff, was announced on social media by the police department on Friday and was started Monday.

The decision to add the school stops was suggested by the police department to the school system, originally as a reaction to the shooting at Great Mills High School in St. Mary’s County on March 20, according to schools spokesman Brian Bassett. The idea to continue the practice in a formal manner was also suggested by the department, with school system approval, he said.

School Superintendent Michael Martirano released a statement Wednesday evening about the change, writing that “while I have personally received a great deal of positive feedback supporting this effort, I have also heard some concerns from the community about increased police presence in our school buildings.”

Source: Stepped-up police patrols for Howard schools drawing questions, concerns – Columbia Flier

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