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The mobile app development niche is particularly experiencing robust growth. The dynamism encountered in this industry has surfaced unforeseen weak links. Cyber security has hit the headlines wherever you are. Security in mobile app development has now become a pertinent issue that has drawn attention to various government security agencies. Data integrity, fraud, stalking and a wide range of social threats have been identified as potential risk areas. The term ‘hack’ is widely used in reference to app security. It is the infringement of personal space for malicious intentions like acquiring personal, vital information or financial breaches.  Importance and urgency has been attached to securing application security especially in this digital age where an individual possess ‘gadgets.’ Measures towards streamlining, regulating and monitoring the mobile app development industry are underway. Let’s have a look at a few here:

The initial stages of IT information technology access and control of software applications was static; limited to a particular place, methodology or system. High risk was oblivious to the parties involved. Personalization of applications brought an erratic application component into immediate realization. An increased urge to man this vacuum developed among the experts.

Assume compromise at anytime

A cautious mind and attitude bypasses and thwarts potential threats right on their tracks. This aspect of mobile app development enables a provision for security measure even for the simplest of tasks. Application Infrastructure outcomes are a blind spot which comes to light when there has been an incidence. Instill a proactive culture to prevent occurrences.

Apply security to all application components

Necessity bears creativity, security features such as intrusion detection and prevention should be attached to all application components without regard to the ‘small players.’ Firewall is one mobile app development feature that provides conditional access control from authorized entries only. Assign system based approval for elements or individuals, this enables fast tracking and introduces the burden of responsibility boosting security in the end.

Automate security components installation and configuration

Crucial security application tasks should not be left to human discretion. Humans are prone to error while others seek the minute of opportunities to manifest their dark side. Set mobile app development software to carry their scheduled security upgrades, configurations and installations automatically. The end goal is security, however tedious and long security configurations should be avoided in the essence of the next generation apps; focused on fast and reliant application operations.

Test and prove

Fundamentally, this is the only thing you want achieved in culmination. Simulate that security breach and see what happens. Outsourcing for this procedure is common for many mobile app development companies. In this manner relevant upgrades and improvements based on the feedback received. Catch a thief by thinking like one.

Migrate non-strategic applications to external SaaS offerings

This measure is quite technical so sit tight. SaaS stands for software as a service, in simple terms it involves handing over exclusive responsibility to a third party service provider to host a particular resource over the internet. The SaaS Company is wholly responsible for security purposes. A dedicated company goes a long way in prompting and giving adequate responses in case of a mobile app development security threat. An email service is one common hacker target which has been successfully handed by SaaS. Let the master handle his area of mastery.

Make use of cloud based security products

This particular feature is related to SaaS. It is technically connected to IaaS and PaaS (Infrastructure as a service and Platform as a service respectively). The three serve to reduce the overall expense in maintaining IT staff this means that your security budget gets an adequate allocation.

Prioritize security monitoring

Ongoing assessment, revision and updates are necessary in real time tracking. This will go a long way in improving mobile app development since it is a rapidly growing industry. Security monitoring is currently a fulltime job for certain agencies which is a step ahead.

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