Steps You Need to Follow to Apply for British Citizenship

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Obtaining the citizenship of a country is extremely necessary if you want to settle in that country permanently. You get voting rights, you become eligible for government jobs, you can bring your family members to the country, you get the freedom to travel anywhere in the country, etc., are the various benefits that a person enjoys after getting citizenship of any country.

In case, you want to become a British citizen, you need to apply for British citizenship. Once you become a citizen of the United Kingdom, you get to enjoy many advantages such as:

  • Live in the UK permanently
  • You get access to outstanding medical care for free
  • You get to live in a stable and secure society
  • You can travel all over the world with a British passport

Applying for British citizenship can be annoying if you do not know what clearly to do. To avoid any clutter, you need to learn some basic things before you apply for citizenship. At CitizenshipBritish, you can a take free practice test and prepare yourself for the Life in the UK test. They arrange practice quiz composed of ten sections covering different topics with 20 to 50 questions each.

This test helps you to gain knowledge about Britain and gives you an idea about the format, number of questions, and the scope of the questions. They have experts who guide you to prepare for the UK citizenship test. The CitizenshipBritish have helped many people settle in the UK happily until now.

You need to follow few steps to apply for British citizenship without causing much trouble to yourself.

Important Steps to Apply for the UK Citizenship

  1. Meeting the basic citizenship requirements

You need to meet the basic requirement to apply for British citizenship such as:

  • You should be above 18 years
  • No criminal record against you
  • Must have lived in the country for minimum of 5 years
  • You should meet the requirement of the English language
  • You need to succeed the ‘Life in the UK’ test
  1. Apply for the application for Naturalisation

The next step is to prepare your application for British citizenship. You can submit an individual application, apply through a National Checking Service, or apply with the help of an agent.

  1. Finish the biometric requirement

Providing biometric information is a part of the application process. Here, you need to submit your fingerprints and a photo. The government official will contact you when they require this information.

  1. Submit the application and wait for a decision

The next step is to submit your application for naturalisation along with the fee and other important documents to The Capital, New Hall Place. If you are out of the country then send it to UK Visas and immigration. It takes nearly 6 months or more to make a decision. Once taken, they will contact and inform you about the same.

Once your application is approved, they will invite you to a citizenship ceremony where you will promise to respect the law of the country. You will receive your Certificate of British Citizenship as well.

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