Stoneman Douglas teachers never wanted to be heroes

Feb 18, 2018 by

Scott Beigel had a choice as gunfire exploded around him: keep the deadbolt on his third-floor geography class locked, or open up and usher terrified students to safety.

With a gunman on a murderous rampage, there was little time to act and less to think. There were no police officers in the halls to protect them, no paramedics on campus to treat the wounded.

There was just Nikolas Cruz and his Smith & Wesson M&P 15, a classroom of scared teenagers, and Beigel, a teacher forced to choose between the training that told him to keep the door locked and kids begging for their lives.

He sacrificed himself for his kids, dying in the doorway of the room where he taught, using his last breath to yell that his classroom was empty in a final effort to save the students.

Source: Stoneman Douglas teachers never wanted to be heroes | Miami Herald

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