Stop Driving Teachers Out Of The Classroom — Focus Instead On Keeping Them There

Feb 28, 2017 by

Nick Morrison –

The teacher shortage is laid bare in a damning report today, which exposes the government’s failure to get to grips with the looming crisis in our classrooms.

Far from addressing the problem, government policies have accelerated the exodus, and by focusing on recruitment have missed the main issue: we should stop driving teachers out of the classroom, and focus instead on keeping them there.

A report by an influential committee of MPs today highlights the teacher shortage as a major challenge to education in England.

The Education Committee of the House of Commons found that the government lacked a long-term plan to tackle the shortage, which will otherwise only get worse as student numbers increase over the next few years.

Although the committee noted that the government had consistently failed to meet recruitment targets, it urged ministers to put more emphasis on retention. Not only could this be more cost-effective, the committee said, it could also help ‘strengthen the pool of future leadership candidates by encouraging more teachers to stay in the profession’.

Neil Carmichael, the chairman of the committee and a member of the governing Conservative party, said issues such as teacher workload and access to professional development are driving teachers away from the classroom.

‘The government needs to do more to encourage teachers to stay in the profession by raising the status of teachers, improving the opportunities for good quality training, and by doing all it can to help reduce teacher workload,’ he said.

Source: Stop Driving Teachers Out Of The Classroom — Focus Instead On Keeping Them There

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