Stop Focusing on Poor White People, Demand Inequality Experts

Mar 22, 2017 by

By Kieran Corcoran –

Two think-tanks devoted to eliminating inequality have said that efforts specifically designed to help poor white people are a waste of time.

A new publication – Minority Report: Race and Class in post-Brexit Britain – by British organisations the Runnymede Trust and CLASS said that recent efforts to specifically target underprivileged white people were misguided.

The authors of the paper argued that governments should instead focus on “all working class communities”, regardless of race.

Dr Omar Khan told The Daily Express: “The white working class have more in common with poor ethnic minority communities than they do with the white middle and upper classes.

“Poor white and BME (black and minority ethnic) people are bound by shared experiences of social deprivation, but there is also more social interaction between them than between the richest and poorest thirds of white people.”

The intervention comes as governments in the US and UK have started to reference the white working class more often.

Prime Minister Theresa May highlighted poor educational attainment by white, working-class boys in her first speech after taking office, pledging to help them.

And in the United States, pledges by Donald Trump to repatriate US jobs and manufacturing resonated with the white voters of rural America (pictured above) who helped elect him.

The argument that social policy should be designed to help people of all races equally is rarely advanced when discussing measures to help other racial groups.

Source: Stop Focusing on Poor White People, Demand Inequality Experts | Heat Street

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