Help Stop Gov. Pence As VP – Led Efforts To Rebrand Common Core

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“Help Stop Gov. Pence As VP – Led Efforts To Rebrand Common Core”

By Donna Garner



Donald Trump appears to be considering Gov. Mike Pence as VP. I have sent Trump four tweets just now — #STOP PENCE – because of Pence’s misrepresentation that he led Indiana to be the first state to opt out of Common Core.  Not so.  Pence actually led the plan to rebrand Common Core, not thinking anyone would notice. Hoosiers certainly did notice as well as other national figures.  


Please join me in sending Trump the truth about Gov. Mike Pence.  This is the Twitter address that I used — @realDonaldTrump — and here is one of the four articles that I sent to Trump.  The other three are posted further on down the page:





Three more good articles on Pence vs. Common Core:

Stanley Kurtz on Pence’s miscalculation:

Sandra Stotsky on Pence, Common Core, and Indiana  –



4.22.14 – “Hoosiers Against Common Core Blast Pence As Panel Approves Education Standards Judged To Be Rebranded Common Core and Even Worse” – by Dr. Susan Berry – Breitbart


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    You stupid people dont know anything about education and would stop an exemptonal person from becoming a terrific President orVice President for 2016 Shame on you, Trump is an idiot and Gov Pence has an exceptional resume, Don’t do Harm,leave the planet

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