Stop Lying, Students Aren’t “Leading” Anything

Mar 26, 2018 by

Daniel Greenfield –

The media propaganda about the astroturfed anti-second amendment protests always include some mention of “students leading”.

They’re leading a wave. They’re leading for the first time. They’re leading for change. They’re stepping up and leading.


The students aren’t leading anything except news coverage. They’re a selected group of teens kept in front of the camera by their adult handlers. We know who some of the people running things are. And they’re adults.

They’re adult activists, public relations professionals and lawyers. And behind them are the real organizations running the show.

They’ve recruited students to represent their political movement and their pre-existing cause. The teens involved have originated nothing except headlines.


Stop lying. The only thing the media propaganda is doing is getting even more people to distrust and tune out the outlets in question. It’s not going to convince a single gun owner to give up his civil rights.

This scam will come apart. Teens are not especially reliable recruits. A month or a year from now, one of the teens you’ve been parading in front of the cameras will have a change of heart and spill everything about his adult handlers. And the media prep. And every little detail of this shameless scam.

And then everyone will know the truth.


Source: Stop Lying, Students Aren’t “Leading” Anything | Frontpage Mag

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