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By Robert Holland –

It is too bad the establishment press did not report the undemocratic nature of the Common Core movement back in 2009-10, when the national standards were being locked into place in most states without public discussion but with much federal involvement (“How Gates pulled off the Common Core revolution,” June 7). Had the story been told then, citizens would have had a chance to stand up and demand that they have a say in the process.

In any event, better four years late than never. Reporter Lyndsey Layton of The Washington Post finally told how computer mogul Bill Gates, the richest man in America, bought and paid for not only the Common Core, but its systematic promotion throughout the land, and then collaborated with the Obama administration in pressing it on the states. Grassroots activists long have been crying foul about this elitist juggernaut, but the media have dismissed them as extremists or conspiracy theorists.

Now the facts are out there about this attempted end run of the democratic process and obliteration of local/parental control of education. Or at least some of them are. Some prominent Common Core critics on both the left and right ends of the political spectrum now are calling for a congressional investigation because laws against federal interference in education policy-making likely have been broken. They have a point. It would be good to have the whole story, while growing numbers of states are considering withdrawal from Common Core.

Robert Holland is a senior fellow for education policy at The Heartland Institute in Chicago.

via Reader View: Get the whole story on Common Core State Standards – My View – Santa Fe New Mexican.

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