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Strapless dresses remain banned at eighth-grade dance

May 5, 2013 by

At a special meeting earlier this week, the Board of Education in Readington Township, N.J., voted to maintain a controversial ban on strapless dresses at next month’s annual year-end dinner formal for eighth graders.

However, as a compromise, reports northern New Jersey’s Daily Record, school officials will now allow clear spaghetti straps as well as single-strap gowns.

Sharon Moffat, the principal at Readington Middle School, instituted the ban in early April – despite the fact that, according to Gothamist, the event will be funded by parents and is scheduled to occur at a private venue called Razberry’s.

Her decision divided this otherwise quiet and tranquil community. A number of parents have called the policy sexist. Some parents also say it’s unfair to families which had bought strapless gowns already.

Once regional television news outfits got wind of the dispute, news trucks swarmed into town. “Good Morning America” and other national programs got involved, too, interviewing parents and students.

At some point, Moffat received a death threat via email. The school district responded to the death threat by cancelling a separate dance for middle schoolers last Friday.

“Kids are fighting among themselves and saying ‘Your mother said this’ and ‘My mother said that,’” Angie Gibble, the mother of one middle school student, told the Daily Record.

Some parents who disagreed with the new rule alleged that Moffat told them that gangly, braces-wearing eighth-grade girls arrayed in strapless gowns could distract eighth-grade boys too much. However, district officials are stressing their fear that gangly, braces-wearing eighth-grade girls could end up in embarrassing situations if their dresses slip off.

via Strapless dresses remain banned at eighth-grade dance | The Daily Caller.

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