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Max Diniz CruzeiroMax Diniz Cruzeiro – The stress is characterized by the tension in one or more organs of the human body in a repetitive manner that may cause damage to the affected organ . Although interest in symptoms has been gaining in the process of modernization of human culture , there is strong evidence that this component was already present in the remote past human , since primitive man suffered pressure on their habitat in order to obtain food through hunting and gathering nomadic nature .

This article will teach you how you can artificially manufacture a point of stress in your life . From this observation you will be able to self manage your thoughts so that occurrences of saturation points do not disturb their daily lives .

You should know that you are a being systemic . All parts are interacting with each other under the command of synapses distributed across the braincase . Thus , if a mental action triggers a sequence of commands that do not meet criteria for stopping the trend is to continue expanding this command , replicating and working continuously until the energy source that does move to decay for lack of vital materials for further processing information causing physical wear .

Imagine the following situation:

Anna is in his work developing a task consisting of 50 forward fax messages to suppliers and customers until the end of the workday. But Ana first have to access the computer, write the recipient’s name and your phone on a checklist, then call to tell if there is interest in receiving the documentation, return to the spreadsheet control and check the box that the customer agrees with shipping, then enter fax numbers and give low in the document.

Upon planning Ana begins the routine, first with a bit of difficulty accustom the brain to perform its functions in the exact sequence and thus finish the job soon.

Then, around the 5th fax Ana can already have all the resources you need to develop the task and created a routine for the development automaton. But something starts to go wrong when Ana is the 22nd sending Fax Your mind wants to anticipate the actions pre-established and the joints of his arm begin to get tense. Ana attributed this observation to the fatigue of being more than an hour working.

But dear reader, note that there is here a factor that drives Ana to be fast: meeting deadlines. When Ana, in the routine phase PLANNING placed in his brain the following steps to perform the task turned out to create a mechanism in the form of routine flow of images, ideas and thoughts that makes efficient and thus reach the ultimate goal of your task is to get the maximum possible messages to suppliers and customers.

It turns out that Anna even before starting work , she ends up in your mind to anticipate the flow of thoughts that will allow you to reach the result. We may even see Ana in advance the outcome of their work . The processing speed of the brain , once started the implementation procedure of the task is greater than their ability to perform . Ana then tend to practice the whole routine , or parts of it several times in advance , in your mind , creating a tension between its center engine, which is being coordinated by a brain region , and their cognitive center coordinated by the hypothalamus . The energy expended by the brain to control task execution will accumulate in the direction of flow of the central nervous system to the peripheral nervous system , in simpler language , will move from the brain to the organs of the body through the nerves of the individual . Feedback as the peripheral nervous system against stimulus forward to the central nervous system .

Then the points where the peripheral nervous system is not well developed or narrow will tend to focus more energy causing a warming in the region that is continuous may, for example, to convert into a repetitive stress injury.

What was missed Ana warn the brain, in step PLANNING task the need to put stopping criteria so that she can relax and channeling energy vortexes others, to better distribute their functional performance of your body.

Many people think that in similar cases, when an internal heating occurs due to saturation, it is necessary to cool the overheated part in order to return the body temperature and thus get rid of the feeling of stress. But such thinking is wrong, because the thermal shock may weaken the area causing permanent damage or difficult recovery.

Ana can not perceive their behavior and as the years run mainly in its working life, the bad PLANNING their tasks creates routines that become real circuits that fuse affecting each other without even being doing a job, parts your body for composing exclusively routines without stopping criteria and changing focus to distribute the energy of the body work more enjoyably. Ana is so addicting some structures of thought and routine, which will reflect the anticipated failure of some organs, which present problems early, wear and tear, less used than others.

But there is still time for Ana, missing only one year to retire. It is true that extremely addicted to your routine, but can reflect on each of them as they were doing the first time the same work already performed for years. And simply by itself, the task of adding elements, or points of balance that will generate benefits to your body.

So , Ana first have to access the computer after accessing it is distracted by the colors of the background screen randomly and quick to not waste time , write the recipient’s name and your phone on a checklist , to make this act imagines while entering data , beings with their own life as known names ( plays with words – signs) , then turn to tell if there is interest in receiving the documentation treats people with courtesy always seeking ways no mechanical interaction and giving an air the human connections without thereby losing time necessary , return to the spreadsheet control and check the box that the customer agrees to the submission , here she exercises and remembers hearing the voice of the person you spoke to on the phone to then enter fax numbers and give low in the document . Then she reflects that the task was accomplished in part , and will start the new task as if he had to do the procedure again from scratch . As stopping criterion , Ana , after the 10th followed fax decides to stop for a drink of water , the 18th stop for another random event . His expectation of full implementation of the service is limited in the order in which the events occur . Ana is no longer a slave to time. No more presents excited by the high expectations of the facts . At the end of the work is not tired but accomplished.

Ana no longer have more stress!

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