Striking Strongsville teachers ratchet up bad behavior

Mar 23, 2013 by

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – The Strongsville teacher strike will end eventually, but memories of the Strongsville Education Association’s juvenile and destructive behavior will linger in the community for years.

Strongsville Education Association members have been on strike for three weeks, but they’re in a bit of a dilemma. The district is on spring break next week, which means the union will have trouble getting residents to pay attention to them and their self-serving agenda – at least until after Easter.

That’s probably why a pack of SEA members staged “workplace visits” against two school board members, in order to intimidate them into supporting the union’s cause.

The Strongsville Patch reports, “On Tuesday, about 40 people with signs stood outside the workplace of board member Carl Naso.”

The next day, union protestors showed up outside the workplace of David Frazee, who serves as Strongsville’s school board president.

The SEA’s “workplace visits” are a natural extension of the “home visits” the union has used against board members in recent weeks.

Even worse, students at Center Middle School will reportedly take up the union’s cause by staging a walkout in support of teachers later this morning, according to the Strongsville Patch. It’s a perfect example of teachers abusing their influence over students, and nobody bothering to inform the students about the school board’s point of view.

It’s not all bad news, however.

The news site reports that “a fourth Strongsville teacher has crossed the picket line and returned to the classroom.”

Also, students’ daily attendance is “back up to more than 90 percent this week” with substitute teachers settling into their replacement roles, the Patch notes.

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