Striking teacher arrested after allegedly using vehicle to harass replacements

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STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – Striking teachers in the Strongsville, Ohio school district may be turning violent in their desperate attempt to gain public attention.

Strongsville teacher Chris Koval, 37, was arrested Thursday morning for driving his vehicle “in a reckless manner that appeared to be directed at a van carrying substitute teachers to the high school.”angry-driver

Koval was given a ticket for the incident, and the case will be referred to the city prosecutor to determine if more charges are warranted, according to

The arrest was the second in two days for Strongsville teachers. On Wednesday a teacher was arrested for ignoring repeated warnings from police about blocking the middle school driveway.

Meanwhile, printed fliers with the word “scab” were found to be distributed in the neighborhood of a Strongsville teacher who chose to cross the picket line and report to work.

“Do you know a scab lives in your neighborhood?” the flier said. It went on to explain that the man’s decision to cross the picket line “harms the collective bargaining rights of SEA members and all union members in their efforts to achieve fair and equitable contracts.”

What about the teacher’s right to report to work if he wanted to?

Strongsville teachers, who have been on strike since Monday, have been making fools of themselves on a regular basis.

Last week they drew public ridicule for protesting in front of the homes of school board members. Last weekend they attracted news coverage for harassing substitute teachers as they showed up to apply for the jobs that the regular teachers walked away from.

One protester reportedly gold a black applicant, “Rosa Parks would be ashamed.”

Based on reader reactions to the story about Koval’s reckless driving arrest, people are not impressed with the actions of the striking teachers.

“(Koval) is probably upset because over the past five years he has only seen his teaching pay increase by 27 percent up to $63,842,”one reader wrote. “(He gets) $62,842 to be a physical education teacher. Does he really have to grade papers after work? Wonder how much extra he makes to coach track? Probably another $8,000 to $10,000. Excellent role model for student/athletes.”

“What a great example the majority of these teachers are setting,” another wrote. “Sorry I have reached the point where I would do what Reagan did to the air traffic controllers: fire them all.”

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