A student assaulted a St. Paul teacher. Then the district blacklisted her, she says.

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First Candice Egan was assaulted by a student in a St. Paul public school, then she was allegedly “blacklisted” from continuing to teach in the district.

The reason? Egan spoke to the media about what had happened.

That’s the claim the substitute teacher made in a lawsuit filed against the school district as well as two of its administrators in federal court earlier this past week, according to the complaint.

Egan is seeking financial damages as well as the reinstatement of her right to work in St. Paul Public Schools, legal documents say. Alternatively, she is asking for “front pay” equaling what she would make if her substitute teaching career were allowed to continue there.

Jerry Skelly, a spokesman for St. Paul schools, declined to comment on the suit, which essentially alleges the district was negligent in its duty to protect Egan’s safety when she was assaulted by a student last March. Egan also states her constitutional right to free speech was violated when the district reportedly retaliated against her after she talked to the press about the incident.

Egan was subbing at St. Paul’s Creative Arts Secondary High School March 22 when her class of seventh graders became “extremely unruly,” the complaint says.

Candice Egan (courtesy photo)

Candice Egan, a St. Paul substitute teacher, said a student repeatedly shoved her, including into a wall, at a St. Paul school on March 22, 2016. (Courtesy photo)

Some students were so disruptive a teacher’s aide reportedly had to take them to the principal’s office.

When the aide was away, the classroom climate escalated and Egan called the front office for backup. Though someone arrived to help, the individual left shortly after, the suit said. Two of her subsequent calls to the front office reportedly went unanswered.

Source: A student assaulted a St. Paul teacher. Then the district blacklisted her, she says. – Twin Cities

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