Student Busts Anti-Trump Prof With Recording Won’t Be Punished

Feb 25, 2017 by

‘Act of terrorism’

A college student who recorded his professor calling President Donald Trump’s election an “act of terrorism” will not be suspended or have to send a letter of apology to the professor and school.

Orange County College (OCC) student Caleb O’Neil received a temporary suspension for recording anti-Trump professor Olga Perez Stable-Cox due to an ambiguous policy preventing such recording, as reported by Campus Reform.

FreedomX, which provided O’Neil with attorneys, reported its staff had met with OCC administrators and revoked both the suspension and apology letter.

“[Orange Coast College’s] miscalculation leaves a blemish on its reputation,” said Bill Becker, FreedomX lead attorney and president. “We hope that the administration, staff and faculty have learned from the errors made.”

Becker stated that it was a shame O’Neil did not receive an apology, due to distress over his future and also expressed dismay with OCC’s failure to punish the professor who delivered the anti-Trump rant.

Joshua Recalde-Martinez of the OCC College Republicans also expressed discontent with the lack of consequences for the professor, but pledged to fight university administrations that bash conservatives.

“I am so happy!” said O’Neil. “I’m just trying to get my education. We started something big; now it’s time for other conservatives to keep the fire going.”

Source: Student Busts Anti-Trump Prof With Recording Won’t Be Punished | The Daily Caller

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