I’m a student with a disability – that doesn’t make me ‘special’

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Don’t feel sorry for us, we don’t need it. Just treat us like everyone else, says star of The Unbreakables, a TV programme about students with complex disabilities

I have a disability – but that doesn’t make me special. Special is a term for someone out of the ordinary. That’s not me, or any of the disabled people I know.

I have cerebral palsy. I didn’t ask for it. Because of my disability I’ve got little choice about where I go to school, where I live, and how I live.

David Cameron said after the 2012 Paralympics that if his disabled son was still alive, society would now see the boy and not the chair.

I am sorry he lost his son but Mr Cameron is just hiding in government and not seeing what is really happening to the outside world. If he saw the discrimination that we go face when we go to mainstream schools and colleges, then maybe he’d change his views.

Source: I’m a student with a disability – that doesn’t make me ‘special’ | Education | The Guardian

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