Student Life: Tips for Successfully Living Alone

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For most students, going off to uni is the first time they will officially be living on their own without their parents nearby. This can be a fun, exciting, and sometimes scary time for young students who are just now getting a small taste of freedom. Thankfully, the following useful info for students in Newcastle will help increase your chance of success during this new adventure in your pathway to adulthood.

Cleanliness is your Friend
While leaving your dirty clothes on the floor may seem like no big deal, it can quickly spiral out of control. This is especially true when you don’t have someone to pick up after you. Setting up a schedule and establishing a routine will help you keep your place tidy and clean. If, however, you’re living with roommates, try to divide the household duties between all who are living there. That way everyone can share in the responsibility.

Safety is Important
Feeling safe in your new area is extremely important, and something that both you and your parents will be worrying about. However, this tip should be utilized before making the final decision on where you will be staying. If you find that you don’t feel safe in the area after you have already moved in, consider investing in a security system and setting up a check in routine with a friend.

Learn Basic Skills
Learning a few basic skills, such as grocery shopping, budgeting, and cooking, will go a long way to improving your life while at school. It will also help prepare yourself for the future and gives you a leg up on other young adults who haven’t had the same experience.

Don’t Be Lonely
Just because you are living alone doesn’t mean you have to be alone all the time. Make sure to make time for friends and family. Invite people over to your place or go out somewhere, such as for dinner or a movie, with some friends. Getting out of your place will also help prevent feelings of stir craziness.

Make your Place Home
Don’t forget to make your new home a happy environment by decorating it with items that show off your style, such as framed posters and housewares. Don’t forget to hang pictures of your friends and family to help make you feel more at home and relaxed.

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