Student Suspended from University for Calling Halal Slaughter ‘Inhumane’

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A British teenager claims he has been suspended from university for describing halal slaughter as “inhumane” and saying immigrants should not be allowed to use the National Health Service (NHS) for free, and cannot return unless he signs a conduct agreement and undertakes diversity training.

UKIP activist Sebastian Walsh, 19, was critical of “Islamisation”, halal slaughter, and the treatment of women by sharia courts in class discussions at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) — and reported to the university authorities by his tutors and suspended as a result, according to MailOnline.

“All I did was voice my opinions during debates about immigration,” the teenager said.

“I am totally against halal meat because I think it’s cruel — it’s an inhumane and barbaric way of slaughtering animals.

“In another seminar class, we had a discussion about the privatisation of the NHS and I simply said I don’t think free healthcare should be available to immigrants.

“These are views held by many people in the public and I believe I should be able to express them freely,” Walsh complained, adding that he felt the university had “victimised” him.

“UCLAN is proud to host a campus community comprised of many cultures, faiths, nationalities and beliefs,” a spokesman for the university said in response to the controversy surrounding the suspension.

“It values this rich diversity and takes seriously its responsibility to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all [and] promotes lawful, open debate, the discussion of varying views and academic freedom and has in place robust procedures to ensure this can take place,” they added — but then went on to say that Walsh’s “offensive and inappropriate comments” were unacceptable.

“The student has been temporarily suspended for the remainder of the academic year and is aware that on the successful completion of a diversity training course, he will be able to resume his studies,” the spokesman added.

Walsh, however, has said he will not accede to the university’s demands, insisting: “Freedom of speech is a human right and I am determined to stand by this. I will be fighting the university’s decision on this to make sure others aren’t punished for their opinions in future.”

He has received support from his local UKIP branch, which has expressed concern “that this young boy is being denied his education for simply expressing his opinion.”

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Source: Student Suspended from University for Calling Halal Slaughter ‘Inhumane’

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