Every Student Is Unique – Key To Personality

Nov 20, 2017 by

When it comes to learning, every student has a different way of looking at problems and absorbing information. Some prefer to learn in a different way to another, and that is okay. Understanding that every student is different and that they each have their unique learning style is key to making sure that they all progress and grow.

So, there are different learning styles?

As with nearly everything in the world, there are multiple ways for kids to learn and take in information. For some, they work by reading books and absorbing information which is printed on a page. For others, they work by hearing someone give a lecture and then turning that into their own words. In other cases, it is a case of actually doing some hands-on work and getting to do something for yourself that allows others to learn. There’s a lot of different ways that people can learn, and in some cases, it is a combination of multiple methods which ensure success.

Each child can learn a variety of different ways, with a total of seven different learning styles being recognised. There’s the visual learning style, which requires someone to see a textbook or some information which is displayed as an image or diagram, and then they process it from there. The second learning style is the physical or kinesthetic styles, which is where someone learns best with a hands-on explanation, where they can do things for themselves and learn like that. A third possible method is a verbal style, which is where someone has to listen to someone talk to process information, and those who work with auditory stimulus best are the musical learners. Those individuals who work with the mathematical and logical learning style use logic and reasoning to understand, perhaps creating a system to process and retain information.

The remaining two styles of learning are the social and solitary styles, which exist independently of each other. Those who are social learners work best when they are in a group, as sharing ideas and concepts helps them to understand everything they’re exposed to. Contrastingly, those who are solitary prefer to work alone, finding that self-study is the best way to learn anything and that their knowledge is best cemented on an individual basis. They’ll often find a quiet place to sit and look through a textbook, and will try and retain knowledge by testing themselves.

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So what happens if I’m not someone who learns via books and information?

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