Student Youth Climate Change Demonstration

Sep 26, 2019 by

If you’re going to be a prophet of doom, you might as well have fun doing it.  That’s what critics of last week’s climate change demonstrations said mockingly. 

They were calling out global youth for the “festive atmosphere” of their street protests.

Because there was exuberance displayed and some smiles were identifiable among the crowd shots, the frackingphiles took it as proof that the upcoming generation of the whole world was merely indulging in a coordinated exercise in playing hooky from school, gaining attention, feeling important and basically partying while posing as messengers of a solemn cause.

It’s impossible to vet the human heart as a precondition to its free expression. 

Nobody knows what percentage of the protesters were sincere and informed and what their individual motives were.  That’s always the case with passionate ventures and alliances. The fact that there were unknowable numbers of “hangers-on” doesn’t de-legitimize the underlying movement.  

There were probably some flunkies and moochers in Times Square on V-E Day also.

Protesters don’t always fully understand what they’re fighting against at the time of combat, but often their inspiration is confirmed and vindicated with time. They can sense the gravity of a problem en route to fathoming it. They don’t have to wait until glaciers melt on the skeptical monographs about global warming. 

The intuitive genius of youth is less implausible than the Biblical parting of the sea.

These youth, even if they are sometimes immature and a bit over-the-top, still have the expert testimony of almost every credentialed scientist in the world on their side. I’ve heard radio talk-show hosts brazenly pontificate with sarcasm and smugness about what they view as the ruse of human-made climate change and they aren’t the slightest embarrassed by the non-existent support for their position in the academic community.

The events of last week are old news. Already there are rumblings in New York City schools about young people being galvanized into activism over a government fiat that would ban chocolate milk in their cafeterias.

Now that would be something to strike about!

Ron Isaac

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