Students across Asia expressed concern about studying in the United States

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International students pour an estimated 13.5 b billion US dollars into the American economy with 58 percent of them coming from Asia according to a study backed by the US State Department.

In Seoul the President of the World Overseas Education Centre said there was concern that students could now face difficulties at US universities following the incident.

There have been worries that the student or their parents might become victims of discrimination or terror Yu Chul-Won said.

He said one student due to go to New York to take a language course had already delayed his trip and others could now consider Canada as a safer option.

The latest report by the US Institute of International Education says 58-thousand Koreans were enrolled in higher education in the US in 2006 the third largest group.

India had the largest number of students 76500 followed by China 62-thousand. Taiwan came sixth with 27-thousand students and Hong Kong 12th with 7800.

Cho Seung-Hui s victims included students and staff from India Indonesia Peru Egypt Puerto Rico and Israel.

In Indonesia where relatives were mourning Virginia Tech victim Partahi Lumbantoruan students said despite concerns they would still consider making the journey to the US.

One high-school student Prasetya said while he was worried about studying in the US he was not terrified.

Life is unpredictable so we could also face dangers if we go to schools in Indonesia or other countries. I would be worried to study in the States but I am not terrified about it he said.

A spokesperson from the American Field Service s education agency in Indonesia said he did not believe there would be a long-term impact on the number of students wanting to study in the States.

With whatever incidents things also will look for its own balance. So people also have precautions but we will still keep sending our students to the States Asmir Agoes said.

In Taiwan student Kelly Chen said while she was concerned about studying in the US.

Since China and Korean men and Taiwanese they can be looked similarly in many many ways so I maybe worry about this but it will of course not be my major concern to work on going abroad because I think it still valuable for anyone to have advanced study in America said Chen.

The Director General of Taiwan s Bureau of International Cultural and Educational Relations Chang Chin-Sheng said he hoped the deaths would not put people off going to the States to study.

However he said the US government should learn from the incident particularly working on how to improve campus security.

In New York the chairman of the US Institute of International Education said he did not believe the incident would discourage foreign students.

I think we put such an emphasis in our campuses on safety and security that people will continue to come here Allan Goodman said.

Goodman also said that the best way of preventing conflict and wars and misunderstandings between different countries and cultures was for people to get to know each other and one of the ways that this can happen he said was on a college campus.

The Institute says international students contribute 13.5 b billion US dollars to the economy with US Commerce Department data describing international education as the nation s fifth largest service sector export.

via ▶ World US Education News 2007 – YouTube.

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