Students Blame Colleges for Worthless Education

Apr 9, 2016 by

Millennials sue their schools, claiming poor preparation for the job market

Go to college. Get a job. That’s how it’s supposed to work. However, millennials today are finding that going to college is not enough to provide them with the American dream. In economically uncertain times, with many fields morphing and changing, students are leaving college campuses with debt and entering an unpredictable world and job market.

Anna Alaburda is the most recent ex-student to join a growing trend of taking her jobless hostility and turning it towards her own alma mater, the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego.

Alaburda claimed the school was responsible for selling her on false hopes of a bright legal career after graduation. After racking up around $170,000 in debt, and unable to find a full-time legal position after a decade, Alaburda filed suit in California claiming fraud because the school had inflated employment data about graduates.

Her suit was one of 15 in the last several years to go after colleges and their promoted employment placement rates. Alaburda’s was the first to go to trial, and she lost. Thomas Jefferson’s lawyer, Michael Sullivan, successfully argued in the case that the school held no responsibility for Alaburda’s situation and that she, like other disgruntled students, needed to take personal responsibility. It was also revealed Alaburda had actually been offered a job right out of school, but turned it down stating, in legal documents, that it “was less favorable than non-law-related jobs that were available.”

The yearly salary was $60,000.

Source: Students Blame Colleges for Worthless Education | LifeZette

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