Students could face expulsion for defending themselves

Nov 10, 2013 by

Two Gonzaga University students could be expelled for using a gun to protect themselves at their University owned apartment.

GU leaders said the students violated a policy all students show know about when living in a school owned apartment.

Seniors Erik Fagan and Dainel McIntosh felt they needed to protect themselves in late October when a convicted felon came to their door asking for money. Fagan said he yelled for his roommate after trying to get the man to leave. McIntosh came down with his gun, which he has a concealed weapons permit for according to Fagan. The roommates said McIntosh scared the man off by flashing the gun.

The men called the Spokane Police Department and Campus Security. Police told them they did the right thing according to the roommates. Campus Security came back hours later. Security officers said they knocked but nobody answers. The roommates said that is when the security guard used a master key and came into their apartment.

Campus Security officers told the roommates that they violated GU policy and took the pistol. They also confiscated a shotgun the roommates had in their apartment.

University leaders said the students should have know about the weapon policy. Leaders also said the policy is common across the country.

The students have to wait for the school’s decision but they do not think they should be punished.

via Washington – Oregon – Idaho.

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