What Students Can Expect When Living in Residence

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Part of the college or university experience for many students is to experience living in a residence. For those who live far from the school it makes attending the school practical, whereas others choose to live in residence simply to enhance their post-secondary experience. While many have a pre-conceived notion of what residence life may be like, in reality it may end up being quite different than expected.

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So, what exactly can students expect when living in residence on their college or university campus? Let’s take a closer look.

First-Hand Access to Campus Service and Activities

Most universities and colleges offer a whole slew of services and activities. These can help enrich your experience, allow you to join sports teams and clubs, and of course make it possible to meet all kinds of people. When you live on campus you’ll have first-hand access to all of these services since they are taking part on your doorstep.

When you live off-campus you have to worry about transportation to and from the activities and services, and you may not even hear about all the activities being offered.

Be Part of a Community

Living in residence allows you to be part of a community immediately. You’ll be with like-minded people who have also chosen to advance their education and work towards their desired career. Again if you are new to the city/town where your school is located, it’s a great way to get a sense of belonging since you will meet people in your residence building.

Take a look at the York University housing options in Toronto, ON. Dubbed “the Quad”, students will be treated to luxurious and modern accommodations that offer all the amenities they could possibly need. They can walk to any building on the campus and be there within minutes, and it’s even located in a neighbourhood that is filled with retailers, dining, has access to public transit, and more.

More Time for Studies

Another bonus to living in residence is the fact you will have more time for studying and your assignments. The reason this is the case is because your commute time will be mere minutes and will consist of you walking from your class to your on-campus residence building. Students that live off-campus can find themselves in long and often stressful commutes that leave them exhausted by the time they get home.

Take Advantage of Meal Plans

Many of these student residences also have meal plans. What this means is that you don’t have to worry about getting groceries on a regular basis. Trekking to and from the grocery store is not only time-consuming but can be a real hassle. A meal plan also means you won’t have to do the preparing and cooking either.

Plenty of Benefits to Take Advantage Of

Student residences are absolutely filled with fabulous advantages just waiting to be taken advantage of. Everything from time savings, eliminating commuting time, to allowing you to feel part of a community helps to make this option such a popular one.

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