Students: how to make the most of internships or work experience

Jul 31, 2017 by

From researching the company beforehand to creating an online professional profile, careers experts offer advice on how to prepare

Work experience can really set you apart from your peers. Whether you’ve sorted a week working at a magazine, a month at an engineering firm or a few days shadowing your local plumber this summer, the skills and experience you pick up can help you to stand out in an increasingly competitive job market.

Making the most of your work experience and internship is imperative. Weeks before you’re due in, start researching the business so you get to grips with what the company does.

“Get an understanding of the company structure and take a look at the team you will be working with,” advises Victoria McLean, a careers expert and founder of LinkedIn is a brilliant tool for this, she says.

“Have an idea of the company mission statement and its corporate values too, so that you are clear on their expectations and ethos,” McLean adds. She also recommends setting up a Google alert so if the company is in the news, you will hear about it immediately. “That way you will appear on the ball and know exactly what is happening.”

It’s also worth asking the recruiter or hiring manager what to expect from the role and what your responsibilities will be. “Then there will be no nasty surprises and you will know exactly what to prepare for,” says Andrew Fennell, founder and director of London CV writing service StandOut CV. “I would recommend researching the skills and knowledge involved to find out if there is anything you can to do ensure that you are equipped to tackle the role from day one.”



Source: Students: how to make the most of internships or work experience | Guardian Careers | The Guardian

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