Once students went to university for education. Now it’s an ‘experience’

Oct 7, 2015 by

Universities offer more and more customer services. Who is to blame when students feel entitled to succeed?

Peter Scott –

Thanks to Michael Ashcroft’s biography of David Cameron, we know more than we want to about the goings on in the Piers Gaveston Society at Oxford in the 80s. At the other end of the political spectrum there would, of course, have been activist student clubs. Students have always made their own experiences. These days, though, things are different. While students once went to university to get a higher education, now they go to be given an “experience” by that university.

The student experience is made for the student. Universities, jittery about how they will score in the national student survey, have invested in iconic new student centres, all airy atria containing banks of Macs (ideally). They offer more and more “customer services”. They do “feedback” to death.

In one sense all this is long overdue, after the neglect some students may have experienced in the past. It would be grossly unfair to question the professionalism and commitment of those who work in student services. But there may be a darker side.

Source: Once students went to university for education. Now it’s an ‘experience’ | Education | The Guardian

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