Are students in Wisconsin getting the best education?

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Are students getting the best education possible under the current Common Core Standards? Governor Walker doesn’t necessarily think so, and now he is reaching out to the legislature to make a change. FOX6 breaks down what it is and how the kids will be affected.

In classrooms all over Wisconsin, students shouldn’t just prepare just for the next level of education and their career.

“We want to be competitive internationally,” says Mayor Tom Barrett.

The Common Core Standards are a set of clear college, and career ready standards, for grade school students in English language arts, literacy, and mathematics. It’s an educational testing program started by the nation’s governors, that Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says makes public education more uniform from state to state.

“Saw the continuing drop of the U.S. in this very competitive world and decide that it wanted to do things to raise the standards,” says Barrett.

Critics like Governor Scott Walker are calling on the legislature to pass a bill repealing Common Core.

“We want higher standards than the rest of the country. We just want those standards to be set by people in the state of Wisconsin , I just think we can do better than what Common Core does,” says Walker.

Supporters like Barrett feel it’s raising the playing field.

“I think most teachers are doing everything they can to help our kids, and it`s sort of set a benchmark, so you can sort of know how you`re doing,” says Barrett.

Some questions Walker’s motives. The Common Core Standards have been a hot button issue for years, so why bring up the issue now, after a decision has been made and while the legislature isn’t even in session?

“We drafted the bill that Senator Farrow and Senator Vukmir proposed last session. We called on the legislature then to pass that bill and supported that bill, had folks here behalf of the administration in terms of the committee process. Unfortunately, they didn`t pass it. MY firm belief going forward is there are going to be some significant changes in the state legislature that is going to put us in a better position to pass that legislation,” says Walker.

The State Superintendent, Tony Evers, released a statement about the recent discussions, partially saying.

“Wisconsin’s Common Core State Standards set a higher bar from what students should know and be able to do to succeed. And these standards are more rigorous than our previous standards, and still provide districts with the ability to select a local curriculum that fits their needs.”

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