Study labels ‘homophobia’ as a disease

Nov 19, 2015 by

A California professor who openly expresses his conservative social views says a recent study on “homophobia” is an example of the “garbage” emanating from the field of social psychology.

Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez is an associate professor of English at California State University-Northridge. The tenured educator was raised by his mother and her lesbian partner, but opposes homosexual “marriage” and adoption of children by homosexuals.

OneNewsNow spoke with Lopez recently about a recent study out of Italy that suggests people who oppose homosexuality have a high rate of mental disorders. Discussing the study, lead researcher Dr. Emmanuele A. Jannini is quoted as saying: “After discussing for centuries if homosexuality is to be considered a disease, for the first time we demonstrated that the real disease to be cured is homophobia, associated with potentially severe psychopathologies.”

According to Lopez, the study was done mostly by homosexuals and their supporters in the social psychology field – a field where he says one must look long and hard to find social conservatives.

“It’s almost impossible for the research teams to critique their own methodologies or to improve or to see their own biases,” he explains. “… I just think this study is just part of that whole way of social psychology research that is just complete garbage at this point.”


Lopez contends a dissenting voice must be heard in that field of study.

“And I think the field of social psychology, but more broadly, almost all of the academic disciplines have so thoroughly excluded anybody who is conservative or religious – and particularly religious conservatives – that they can’t really see their own flaws.”

Lopez, an active member of the Southern Baptist Convention, has been targeted by the pro-LGBT Human Rights Campaign since 2014.

He also has been under investigation by the school administration for more than a year for alleged discrimination and retaliation against students who attended, but later complained about, a conference on parenting and children’s rights. As a result, Lopez could lose tenure or be suspended without pay.


Source: Study labels ‘homophobia’ as a disease

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