Study: Michigan among worst in black university enrollment

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Khadijah Williams was raised in a low-income home by a single mother and attended high school in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods on the south side of Chicago.

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But her life began to change four years ago when she enrolled at the University of Michigan. This spring, she will jointhe relatively few African Americans who will be among UM’s Class of 2019, and plans to take a gap year off before heading to law school.

“It important for African Americans to have a college degree,” said Williams, 21, “because you can’t advance without one.”

Williams is an outlier at public colleges and universities across the country, including Michigan, because most fail to enroll and graduate African Americans at a proportion reflective of  the demographics of their states, according toa report released last month.

 African Americans are underrepresented across the board in higher education, especially at four-year public institutions, according to the “Broken Mirrors” report by The Education Trust.

Michigan ranked the third-worst out of 41 states the report examined for black student enrollment at four-year institutions in 2016. Only 8.7 percent of undergraduate students at Michigan’s 15 public universities are black, while it should be 17.1 percent, according to the report.

Additionally, black graduates make up a fraction of their white counterparts: In Michigan, 25.9 percent of African Americans have a college degree, compared with 41.6 percent of whites.

Source: Study: Michigan among worst in black university enrollment

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