Stumped by AP calculus?

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Even top students struggle with the trickiest concepts in Advanced Placement physics, calculus and economics, and even the best educators find those topics tough to teach.

The College Board knows this from seeing students stumble over the same questions on AP exams year after year. Now Davidson College professors, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools teachers and an online education company are creating digital lessons to help high school students across the country master the toughest college-level work.

The lessons will be designed to support high school teachers, not replace them. Starting next school year, CMS students will have access to video clips, animated illustrations and game-like activities that let them see how abstract concepts play out in real life. They and their teachers will get instant reports on how they’re doing, with more options for working on concepts that stump them.

If all goes as planned, the lessons will go national in 2015-16.

The immediate goal is to help students make the kind of scores that impress admission officers and earn college credit. Universities and employers are missing out on bright students who get discouraged when they’re stymied by AP material, said Davidson College President Carol Quillen.

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