Success Academy: Sequel of a Spectacle

Oct 2, 2019 by

There’s no charm like coercion.  It induces “voluntary” compliance.  It has the power of suggestion that cannot be refused.  

Success Academy is master at it. That explains the impressive turnout of parents, students and staff that got drafted into attending their rally last week at Roy Wilkins Park in Queens, at which they demanded the City find them additional space pronto, regardless of its toll on strapped existing public schools.

This demonstration was no spontaneous and sincere cry of mass indignation, but an orchestrated chorus of condemnation of City government for refusing to cede public school assets to their profit-making enterprise.

Eva Moskowitz, the CEO of Success Academy, has still not gotten over the shock of having lost her most ardent booster and fixer. former Mayor Bloomberg, who spoiled her like Aladdin’s genie. 

Moskowitz owned him.

At last week’s Success Academy choreographed uprising, each conscripted participant wore a butterscotch-colored t-shirt with “Kids Over Politics” on it.  That’s nervy, considering they practice the opposite.  Their kids are programmed to mouth Moskowitz’s political talking points.  So are their parents, who are ordered like a private militia of zombies into service as crowd “extras” in the production.The staff had no choice but to play along, because if they opt-out, they know they may as well not show up for work the next day. 

They all know that their continued relationship with Success Academy depends on their showing up.  In the past, Success Academy have shut down their schools so their entire community can engage in mandatory political action. That is what their “No Excuses!” mantra really means.

Success Academy is an “exclusive” school because they practice exclusion.  It’s in their charter.

They bank on “sound bites” from sympathetic media coverage in the unconsummated hopes of widespread “perception bites” from the public, which for the most part realizes our public schools are superior.

There is a crescendo of rumblings of dissension from the Success Academy community.  They’ve got more skeletons in their “closet” than Does Rome in its catacombs.  Maybe that’s why they want to bully elected officials and muscle in on public schools property: more “closet space.”

Ron Isaac

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