Success Academy’s Boot Camp For Principals

Jan 25, 2019 by

The Success Academy Charter School syndicate, the darling of extremists who want to privatize public schools, is having major problems retaining teaching staff and school administrative “leaders”. 

I wonder why.

You’d think that if they were generating such academic excellence and sublime job satisfaction, as harped on by the tabloids, there would be lines of aspiring staff members stretching for miles.

According to the January 24th issue of  the daily freebee newspaper am/New York, charter schools “tend to burn through” principals much faster than do real public schools. In fact, it’s double what it is in traditional schools where all children are served with full coordinated devotion,regardless of special needs.

Burnout in Paradise? 

Time served in charter schools is also pathetically abbreviated.  Bailing out after one or two years is commonplace there; it’s comparatively rare among public school educators.  It’s not that the charter school teachers have abandoned their professional goals; they flee to public schools because they have been jaded by the false promises of charters like Success Academy and seek public school employment where they can pursue their goals and ideals.

So what has Success Academy  done to stop the staff bleed-out?  They have tried to circumvent the standard path to achieve credentials, skipping course work, leap-frogging over professional development mandates, brushing aside requirements of performing research, and scoffing at mentoring.  Their doing this is completely consistent with their philosophy that education is not a profession. They view it as something that anybody can do after a crash course.
This includes not only teachers but school principals!
Success Academy, being more a commercial operation than an educational institution, has astonishingly, yet not surprisingly, produced a business solution: a boot camp for principals!  They would not be drawn from the ranks of teachers, but rather from the hard-nosed business community whose executives are already marinated managerial style that suits the autocratic Success Academy’s perception of teachers as non-essential wait-staff.
The entire course will be only 3 weeks, after which “graduates” not placed in the City, would, according spokeswoman Ann Powell, “go directly to lead schools across the country”.
When flown to their new assignments, they’d better pray their aircraft will not be piloted by an equivalent boot-camp for aviators.

Ron Isaac

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