Sue Snyder hosts summit to end campus sexual assaults

Sep 25, 2017 by

By Paulette Parker –

A day-long summit taking place today at Eastern Michigan University will focus on ending campus sexual assault statewide.

The third-annual “Inform, Empower, Prevent: Let’s End Campus Sexual Assault” summit will be hosted by Michigan’s First Lady Sue Snyder.

Attendees will take part in a series of panels and networking sessions. They’ll hear from experts on topics ranging from supporting sexual assault survivors to how institutions develop investigative processes.

It’s a bipartisan effort bringing together college and university representatives, legislators, law enforcement officials and students.

Snyder said in a press release:

Michigan is a national leader in addressing campus sexual assault, and I’m excited to continue these important conversations to make our state’s campuses—our students’ homes away from home—safer. We have built a great deal of positive momentum in the last few years and the summit will help us to develop new ideas and keep this issue at the forefront in Michigan and beyond.

The summit will be co-hosted by state Senators Tonya Schuitmaker and Rebekah Warren, and state Representatives Laura Cox and Kristy Pagan.

The event is part of a larger, ongoing campaign known as the “Let’s End Campus Sexual Assault” initiative.

Source: Sue Snyder hosts summit to end campus sexual assaults | Michigan Radio

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