Superintendent Who Didn’t ‘Want To See Anyone’s Ass’ Fired

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The Oklahoma school district superintendent who allegedly made public examples of some female students for wearing what she called inappropriate attire has now been fired.

The fashion furor occurred in late August during the first week of school Noble High School in tiny Noble, Okla., just southeast of Norman.

On Monday night, the four members of the local school board voted unanimously to sack school district superintendent Ronda Bass, Oklahoma City NBC affiliate KFOR-TV reports.

The 4-0 vote is a shift from a decision last week that Bass could keep her job if she agreed to and completed a professional development plan. The prior decision came when the school board called a special meeting to allow parents to vent about the way Bass had chosen to enforce the school district’s dress code.

The dress code prohibits clothing “that is revealing in anyway [sic]” including but “not limited to: halter tops, tops with only one strap, shorts that are too short and pants that lace up the side.”

Bass had previously told KFOR that she decided to enforce the dress code personally because she saw the outfits some students wore as they wandered the halls of Noble High on the first day of school. (RELATED Superintendent Who Doesn’t ‘Want To See Anyone’s Ass Hanging Out’ Gives High School Girls Bend-Over Check)

Bass decided to approach the issue by having a talk at the end of the first school day. The subject of the talk was the revealing garb worn by certain female students.

Bass said she discussed “female students on the campus today that are dressed completely inappropriate.”

Students recall more colorful language.

“The first sentence was, ‘Have y’all ever seen any ‘skanks’ around this school?’” senior Stephanie Stewart alleged. “Around the end she said, ‘I don’t want to see anyone’s ass hanging out of their shorts.”

Bass told the NBC affiliate “she worried that students from other towns were calling our girls really negative names.”

She said she wanted students to be “classy” and that she is “very proud to be known as ‘Mama Bear Bass.’” (Noble High School’s mascot is a bear.)

According to Stewart, Bass again appeared at Noble High the next morning to perform a dress code check personally. Stewart said the superintendent asked some girls to bend over.

“If you’re not comfortable with bending over, we might have a problem,” Bass told KFOR.

“A lot of girls actually felt humiliated,” Stewart, who was among the students Bass singled out for her fashion choices, told the station.

After Bass allegedly made the remarks and performed the dress code checks, parents began circulating a petition demanding that the school board sack her, according to local ABC affiliate KOCO-TV.

The superintendent’s last day as the superintendent of the Noble, Okla. school district will be Oct. 15.

via Superintendent Who Didn’t ‘Want To See Anyone’s Ass’ Fired | The Daily Caller.

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