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Posted on Facebook by Michael van der Galien – 8.6.15


A friend asked me why I support Ted Cruz. Here are my reasons:

A)he is conservative on all issues
B) he’s willing to take a stand
C) he’s willing to make enemies
D) he’s probably the best debater the Reps have had in decades
E) he’s truly a believer in God, it’s not an act
F) he’s pretty much brilliant
G) he has beaten the GOP’s establishment once and he can do it again
H) he’s extremely well funded
I) he stands by Israel
J) he understands the danger posed by Radical Islam and he knows it’s an ideological/religious issue
K) he’s a full believer in the freedom of religion
L) there’s probably nobody in Washington with more knowledge about the Constitution
M) he’s very polished
N) he believes and understands that our rights are given to us by the Creator, not by the government
O) he’s strong on states’ rights. And not only because the Constitition is clear on this issue, but because he understands why
P) he’s in favor of massive tax reforms
Q) he wants to get rid of the IRS and actually has the will to make it happen
R) he’s one of the strongest and most passionate critics of Planned Parenthood
S) he understands that the America’s best days can be ahead if only the government becomes smaller domestically
T) he’s a supporter of a strong army, but is careful about wars and what one can and has to accomplish when the States do go to war
U) he’s a family man
V) he could have become extremely rich by being a lawyer but instead decided to serve his country
W) he understands that the U.S. has to play a leading role in the world
X) he and his family ARE the American Dream
Y) he is willing to take a stand for persecuted minorities in the Middle East
Z) he’s a truth-teller


Donna Garner has added this. “He understands that Common Core is the federal takeover of America’s schools and is meant to dumb down and indoctrinate this and succeeding generations of children;  he has pledged to pull out Common Core by its roots.”


Donna Garner


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