Why Does This Not Surprise Me?

Apr 4, 2017 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

A recent posting entitled “Principals’ Test Not Predictive of Success on the Job: Exam results show racial disparities by Denisa R. Superville on April 4, 2017 caught my eye, and as I skimmed the article, the basic gist of the article was that some of these standardized tests that are supposed to predict principal performance do very little in that realm.

The test makers’ comments show another side to the argument, but let’s just first start by saying that principals, particularly in the inner city schools have impossible jobs.

Secondly, there is a radical difference between principals at the elementary level, middle school level and high school level. Third, there is a major difference between schools that seem to have a large number of students with special needs and other schools that, for whatever reason, seem to have only a small number of students with exceptionalities.

Fourth, there are principals who have a stead cadre of well trained teachers, who consult, collaborate, and communicate with each other, and there are other principals, who, for whatever reason have a large rate of teacher turnover.

There are other interesting aspects to this research, but for interested readers, the link is below.


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