Surveys Suggest Employers are Much More Open to Online Education Degrees than Previously Thought

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There is a stereotypical thought process that a student who has completed his/her education online isn’t really favored by employers, but recent surveys and general experiences are proving otherwise. It seems that the reputation of the university which the student passed out from is more important than whether or not the course was completed online. What this means is that if a student completed his medical laboratory scientist program online from the University of Cincinnati, employers would want to hire him/her without really being bothered about the online nature of the course. On the other hand, if the same online bachelor of science degree in medical laboratory science was completed by the student from a university that no one has really heard about, his/her chances of employment and career progress would be diminutive.

Employers Often Seem More Interested

It is not uncommon for an employer to actually show more interest in the candidate upon finding that his/her education was received online. Although the interest is mostly born out of curiosity, to begin with, the extra time which the interviewee is given on account of that inquisition often brings forth favorable results. It also presents a good opportunity to show the interviewers how one’s online education is at par with concurrent traditional courses in the field.

The Virtual Nature of Business

It doesn’t matter what the field is, working virtually has now become an essential part of business everywhere. When a student with an online degree comes in for an interview, the fact that part of his/her education was completed online may even appeal particularly to those businesses which chiefly operate on the internet themselves. In fact, the chances of being employed by online giants such as Google or Amazon may even be higher.

The Importance of Accreditation

This is perhaps the most important aspect of an internet based course; the accreditation. An NAACLS accredited medical laboratory scientist program, for example, will make the student eligible for applying and working at any renowned research lab in the nation. Without the all-important accreditation, however, the qualification will have little meaning in the field. In fact, this applies to offline, traditional courses as well and is valid in every field of professional education and specialization.

Employers Often Still Ask the Question

In spite of everything, it was found that most employers do ask the question, “Why did you choose to pursue your course online?” At this point, it is more often an inquisitive question than a disapproving one. Honesty is the key here as they are only looking for an answer as to why you deviated from the norm and little else. As online courses provide the opportunity to study long distance and a flexible routine, the answers are usually not hard to find.

Drawing inference from the multiple interviews which renowned employers from various fields of business have given in the recent years, it seems that it all comes down to three things.

  • The reputation of the University
  • The accreditation
  • The actual ability of the person in question to utilize what he/she has learned

If a student is able to cater to all of these three requirements, it becomes irrelevant whether or not the course was completed online.

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