Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church, Texas

Nov 6, 2017 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

Everyone here at sends their heart felt feelings to the people of that small community of Sutherland Springs. It is horrific to have any mass shooting, it is even more horrific when a church, which is supposed to be the safest of places is invaded. A church is a place where children are hopefully taught to pray, worship and to learn a little bit about how to live life- not how to die. Any church, synagogue, place of worship should be safe.

One wonders how that congregation will ever come together again. One wonders how that community is going to cope. And we send our thoughts and prayers and concerns to the community. Some politicians will blame guns and others, mental health issues. I will be a bit stronger and blame psychological problems and psychiatric difficulties- although it may be politically incorrect to do so.

We all have to be a bit stronger and tell our Senators and representatives to stop these Assault Rifles and weapons that can decimate half a church in half a minute. And our hearts go out to the victims in New York City- simply riding their bicycles on a nice day.  Illegal immigration and perhaps all immigration needs to be stopped.  A moratorium is in order as well as a grieving period. Too many have died in Las Vegas, New York and now this small little town in Texas.

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