Sweden Disowns Its Vikings

May 13, 2019 by

Hal G.P. Colebatch –

In what looks like a new paroxysm of self-hatred and cultural suicide, Sweden has begun destroying artefacts from its ancient Viking history.

One might think that the country, over-run by hordes of Middle Eastern “asylum seekers”, would wish to preserve as much of its national identity and cultural heritage as it could. Even at the most mercenary level, Viking sites, museums, artefacts and souvenirs have been huge tourism money-earners. The television series Vikings shows Western man’s fascination with the hairy old sea-rovers. The immensely popular books and films of The Lord of the Rings drew in large part upon Norse mythology as well as Christianity, showing its deep resonances even for modern man.

Now an angry archaeologist has blown the whistle on the fact that the curators of Stockholm’s Länsmuseum have been ordering the systematic destruction of newly-found artefacts from the Iron Age and the Viking period with the weak excuse that the material would be too burdensome to process. This is despite the fact that preservation of the past is what being a museum curator is meant to be all about.

Coins, arrow-heads, ritual amulets, weapons, jewellery and weights that were kept in the past are now dumped into metal-recycling bins upon discovery instead of being cared for and displayed. Museum excavators are instructed to recycle unearthed iron elements into scrap metal on the weak pretext that “it would take too many resources to process, identify and store them”. The findings are usually quickly disposed of in order to make way for construction machines and building workers.

Ironically yet appropriately, the boom in excavation which has led to the doomed artefacts being unearthed has largely been to provide housing for the asylum seekers flooding into the country, and who are now pushing the crime-rate back towards, well, towards Viking levels.

This process was kept secret until a declaration by Johan Runer, the museum’s archaeologist. He had tried to raise the alarm before but only met indifference from the liberal Swedish media. According to Runer, this has been going on since at least 2016. He claims an entire ancient settlement was secretly levelled to allow roadworks.

The artefacts could easily be stored, as they have been previously, or sold or given to other museums around the world which would be eager for them. The real motive looks like the conscious destruction of Sweden’s culture, history and heritage—an act of Gramscian cultural warfare by the Left.

Nor is Sweden alone in this madness, or rather, this orchestrated strategic exercise. Apart from the Robert E. Lee statue in the US and the demonisation of Columbus, in Australia there has recently arisen an all-too-predictable campaign to destroy statues of Captain Cook and other heroic figures of the past. In Britain, believe it or not, the money-losing Guardian newspaper, a faithful mouthpiece of the extreme Left, recently printed a call for the destruction of Nelson’s Column!

Source: Sweden Disowns Its Vikings – Quadrant Online

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