Swedish school bans centuries-old Christian tradition but celebrates Muhammad’s journey to heaven

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Prohibition of the Swedish Christmas tradition Lucia has sparked debate in Sweden. In Motala, the Lucia celebration has been cancelled at Kärrbacken School.

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According to preschool manager Anna Karmskog, they want to avoid discrimination, offensive treatment and do not want to “exclude” anyone.


on Tuesday

ANPASSAR. Inställt luciafirande är ett förspel till att tona ner julen, kristna högtider, i en anpassning till islam.
Och islamska terrorhinder har nu satts upp i Malmö inför årets julmarknader för att förhindra terrordåd som i Berlin förra året.

ISLAM. Förbud mot luciatåg i Mellerud och Motala. Terrorhinder runt julmarknader i Malmö. En märkbar kulturell förskjutning pågår, där islam och konsekvenser av islam vinner mark. Förbjudna luciafiranden har väckt debatt över hela Sverige. I Motala har luciafirandet ställts in på Kärrb…

It is also seen from an “equality perspective”. Many people buy Lucia costumes for one occasion. It does not feel right to force the parents to buy these, she says.

Furthermore, many children are reported to be anxious and sad in a large crowd, and the “gender perspective” as the children “walk in a row” is questioned. The school has not discussed the cancellation with the parents.

In Mellerud, Åsen’s school decided to boycott the Lucia celebrations altogether, at both primary and middle school. A parent at the school, Ingrid Stewart, believes the ban has to do with religion.

“I suspect it. Everyone does not feel comfortable with Lucia celebrations according to the school. But last week, the school celebrated Muhammad’s journey to heaven without even informing us.”, she says.

Some now say that the cancelled Lucia celebration is a prelude to tone down Christmas to adapt to Islam. Recently, to prevent terror attacks, barriers have also been set up at Christmas Markets in Malmö.

Source: Swedish school bans centuries-old Christian tradition but celebrates Muhammad’s journey to heaven

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