Switching tests could harm students

Oct 1, 2018 by

Eileen Weiser –

Michigan is numbed by a decade of declining K-12 student achievement. Even though our spending is above the U.S. average, our students consistently rank near the bottom in achievement.

Educators argue schools can’t improve without more money. That doesn’t explain why our wealthy suburban white and African American fourth grade students scored 49th in reading on last year’s Nation’s Report Card.

The answer lies in what we teach and how we do it. Today’s students need new skills to thrive in a rapidly-changing world. Michiganians know that when a type of employment ends, workers must be able to learn new careers or risk everything.

Our college- and career-ready standards move students past just memorizing information toward mastering critical thinking, creativity and problem solving. These skills are increasingly important for today’s careers, and for the challenges our children will face as citizens, parents and workers in their lifetimes.

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